Providing Custom Solutions for the Installation of Acoustic Walls

If your daily operations or business’s bottom line depends on shared spaces that require sound-dampening walls, your building needs acoustic walls. This room divider solution can be useful when you work in an area that your staff must sometimes separate into two different rooms, such as in schools, clubs, conference centres, banquet halls, and offices. We can create custom solutions to suit your needs in this area. 

Problems Solved by Acoustic Movable Walls Installed by Bildspec

While it may not be the first thing you think of, versatile, movable walls with sound dampening can become a critical component of running a successful operation in a building that accommodates many different groups and events each day. Here are a few considerations.

  • Sounds coming from the space next door can ruin a meeting, conference, or a special event, and in a school or training room, it can prove to be highly distracting when competing noises enter your space. Acoustic wall solutions can reduce noise interference and allow your students, workers, event attendees, and anyone else you host in your space to have a better experience.

  • Movable panels that provide sound dampening are critical for operations that depend on multi-use areas, including areas divided into smaller spaces such as training rooms in an office or conference rooms at convention centres and schools. Movable walls with sound absorption provide versatility in your space while maintaining the same peaceful ambience your work requires.

  • If you work in a building that suits your needs but find that you are constantly moving groups around and going through complicated scheduling processes to accommodate the functions that your space can comfortably host, you need acoustic movable wall panels. Having acoustic moving walls installed in your building can mean that you don’t have to remodel or move to a new location to continue operating successfully.

There are many issues in multi-use buildings that acoustic moving walls can solve to make your daily operations easier and more pleasant. 

The Importance of Quality Movable Acoustic Wall Panels

As you choose the movable acoustic wall panels for your space, keep in mind how crucial it is to invest in a quality product that will reduce noise interference, look nice, and function properly. 

  • Choosing a quality panel made of sound-absorbing materials will make all the difference in sound dampening. We offer panels that are 100mm thick with Rw 50 that will reduce noise transmission by 50 decibels (in a laboratory setting).

  • Aesthetics is an important aspect of choosing from the wall materials and options that are available for your space. We understand the importance of appearance, which is why we can customise a solution with colours, materials, and styles so that the acoustic operable wall you select enhances your space by flowing seamlessly with an existing design.

  • Functionality is another critical aspect that makes choosing quality acoustic moving walls so important. If you have low-quality moving walls installed, they may jam, pinch fingers, be difficult to slide, or bring about an endless list of unpleasant and frustrating scenarios stemming from lack of craftsmanship and flimsy materials. We design our walls for precise, smooth movement to ensure that you can utilise them without any difficulty. 

Why Customers Should Use Bildspec

Bildspec has over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture and installation of operable walls and folding doors that provide functional, acoustic space separators. Serving the needs of offices, boardrooms, schools, clubs, entertainment providers, public buildings, and more, we are the go-to-choice for large and challenging installations, offering cost-effective solutions to suit any requirement. Our acoustic dampening solid operable walls can prevent noise transmission in your space. You can trust us to find a custom solution to suit your needs. 

If you want to set up a consultation or ask about our acoustic walls, contact us now.