Turn to Bildspec for Acoustic Walls in Melbourne 

Using acoustic walls in Melbourne is an excellent way to keep out unwanted noise and distractions in any area of your office or school. Look to Bildspec for extensive options and a full range of services, including installation and routine maintenance. 

Benefits of Acoustic Walls in Melbourne 

There are multiple advantages of installing movable acoustic walls in your business. 

  • Productivity: Do you have students in your classroom who are struggling because they are distracted by noise or excitement around them? Is one of your employees working on a project that requires quiet and concentration to complete? Do you require privacy in your meeting rooms? Using movable acoustic walls provides any student or staff member with a peaceful environment in which to accomplish any task. 

  • Removes unwanted noise: A leading benefit of utilising acoustic walls is that instead of noise echoing throughout the space, the walls absorb it, which makes it easier to hear what is going on inside the room and drowns out anything that is going on outside. Our acoustic walls incorporate only top-quality materials so that you never have to worry about noisy distractions. 

  • Functionally: Movable acoustic walls are adjustable. If you need a larger space for a big team meeting, you can pull them back to make room for more people. If you need to create a smaller space for an important gathering, use the same area with a simple transition. When you use movable walls, there are endless possibilities for room layouts. 

Related Services We Provide to Acoustic Movable Walls in Melbourne 

Our company offers more than just a quality selection of acoustic movable walls in Melbourne. Other services that we provide: 

  • GlasWal operable walls. Are you looking for a way to create a barrier between two areas in your office without blocking natural light? GlasWal operable walls are an ideal solution. This style of wall adds an element of sophistication to a boardroom or makes a breakroom more welcoming. See the possibilities for yourself

  • Twelve-month warranty. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, which is why we offer a year-long warranty on every operable wall. If you experience any issues, simply reach out to us. 

Why You Should Work with Bildspec 

Bildspec has a rich, 50-year history in the industry. Our friendly professionals are highly trained and committed to providing you with answers and guidance on any of our merchandise. We deliver strong wall options that can adapt to multiple settings. We have worked with offices, clubs and schools throughout the area to customise rooms and create sensible designs and layouts. 

Speak to a member of our team today for more information about any of our products.