Bildspec Launches Interstate

Bildspec Operable Walls continues to offer industry-leading manufacturing/install times with our superior Australian-made products from locally sourced components, and at great value to our existing customers.  ...Read more

Bildspec Passes Stringent CSIRO Acoustics Testing

Bildspec Operable Walls have recently performed testing on its suite of operable walls with the aim of determining what acoustic rating could be achieved from its frames, seals, insulation types, wall materials and densities, ...Read more

Stylish, Functional Operable Walls for Warner Music

Bildspec was recently engaged to provide operable walls at Warner Music’s new Head Office in Pyrmont, Sydney.  Warner Music are one of the largest record labels in the global music industry, and it was imperative that ...Read more

Operable Walls for Wesley Missions’ State-of-the-art Conference Venue

Bildspec recently installed their operable walls at Wesley Mission’s Pitt Street conference venue in the Sydney CBD.  Wesley Mission are a Christian charitable organisation that are committed to helping people of all ages and ...Read more

Acoustic Walls in Brisbane Can Help You Create the Workspace That You Need

Businesses and organisations in all industries can benefit from the addition of acoustic walls in Brisbane. These movable partitions are available in many different styles to suit a wide range of budgets and objectives. Read more

Turn to Bildspec for Acoustic Walls in Melbourne 

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Exploring Solutions for Operable Walls That Meet Operational Demands

For dividing or expanding spaces on demand, nothing gets the job done as well as operable walls. Attached to a track, these wall panels can easily slide and lock into place or fold back into their stored position. Read more

How to Secure an Effective Installation of Acoustic Walls in Sydney

With acoustic walls in Sydney, creating separate, quiet spaces within a large and busy building is surprisingly simple. As with most operable walls, these installations involve panels that move and lock into place to create a temporary wall. Read more

Discover Why You Should Install Operable Walls in Your Sydney Office

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Providing Custom Solutions for the Installation of Acoustic Walls

If your daily operations or business’s bottom line depends on shared spaces that require sound-dampening walls, your building needs acoustic walls. This room divider solution can be useful when you work in an area. Read more

Choose Quality for Your Operable Walls in Melbourne

Bildspec provides the modern-day solution for a flexible workspace. With operable walls in Melbourne, your imagination is the only limit to the variety of open and enclosed areas that you can create and access. Read more

Enhance Office or Restaurant’s Shared Spaces with Custom Folding Walls

You can make your open atriums, dining rooms, and workspaces into an entirely new experience with our custom folding walls and doors. These movable fixtures are ideal for businesses that want the flexibility of breaking large spaces. Read more

Reinvent How Your Building Functions with Operable Walls in Brisbane

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Create the Office You Need with Folding Walls in Brisbane

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Bildspec Offers Glass Office Partitions

Bildspec is well-known throughout Australia for the operable walls and folding doors we manufacture and install, and these include glass office partitions. As your company grows, your office space requirements can change and evolve. Read more

Folding Walls in Melbourne Offer Flexibility for Your Office 

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We Install High-Quality, Space-Saving Folding Walls in Sydney

For your space-dividing needs, whether for your home, a business, or communal public space, we can provide a convenient solution: installing folding walls in Sydney. Also called operable walls, these are easily retractable walls. Read more

Bildspec Manufactures and Installs Folding Walls 

Bildspec has been providing high quality movable partitions for companies, schools and other locations in Australia for over 50 years and as a part of this, we manufacture and install folding walls. These simple to operate foldable walls. Read more