Enhance Office or Restaurant’s Shared Spaces with Custom Folding Walls

You can make your open atriums, dining rooms, and workspaces into an entirely new experience with our custom folding walls and doors. These movable fixtures are ideal for businesses that want the flexibility of breaking large spaces into smaller sections without making permanent changes to their buildings.

The Importance of Custom Operable Doors

If you have a large space and aren’t sure how to make the best use of it, our custom doors and movable walls can give you several opportunities:

  • You can enhance your space both by changing its shape and creating smaller locations. These operable doors are ideal for subdividing larger areas into small workstations. When you need access to the entire space, the doors condense to return your room to its original configuration.

  • Our doors come in various styles, and we can help you find the perfect designs for your space. These doors are custom created to appeal to those with an eye for interior design. Depending on the material that you select, you can have doors that retain a visible link between your spaces or close them off entirely with an opaque surface.

  • Improve your work, dining, and meeting spaces by providing movable, folding walls that you can open and close as needed. You can control the level of privacy you need and adjust sound levels with these operable walls and doors.

What Sets Bildspec Apart Regarding Custom Movable Walls

In the modern economy, several companies provide custom walls and operable doors, but no one delivers the same high-quality results that Bildspec consistently provides.

  • Our team prioritises customer service, and this dedication reveals itself in every interaction. When you visit our Marrickville location or contact us remotely, you have our team’s complete attention. We believe that when we satisfy every customer and exceed every expectation, we create relationships that last for years. We’ve always done business by delivering work that makes us proud.

  • We offer a tremendous value for the cost, resulting in a product that will serve you well without exceeding your budget. Our techniques have created walls and doors that are built to last from economical materials using tried and true methods mastered by our manufacturing team.

  • We have a track record spanning 50 years, bringing the benefits of our experience in the industry to every new transaction. There are no other companies in the country that can match our experience. 

Why Bildspec Is Cost-Effective

Our team knows everything there is to know about operable and movable doors. We use our decades of experience with designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing these walls to provide Australians with a domestic source for the best possible custom designs. Let us provide you with walls that are the ideal thickness and composition to suit both your budget and your needs for privacy. Contact us to discuss your project or to schedule routine maintenance for your movable walls.