Folding Walls in Melbourne Offer Flexibility for Your Office 

If you demand the highest quality products at the most competitive prices available for your workspace, you’ll choose our folding walls in Melbourne. As a leading manufacturer of folding doors and walls for commercial, industrial, and retail spaces, Bildspec adds value and organisation to your office space. You’ll be satisfied with our products because we take pride in our work.

Key Issues to Address about Folding Doors in Melbourne 

You will make a sound decision when choosing folding doors if you address the following issues:

  • Sound reduction is essential when selecting folding doors. Each door receives a sound rating, which helps you to decide how soundproof you want the door to be. A suspended ceiling may limit the noise reduction capabilities of the door. The sound rating and the quality of the building that houses the office space will influence the acoustic level of the folding door.

  • Service is a priority for us—to the benefit of all our clients. We provide a 12-month warranty and offer a preventative maintenance agreement which ensures that your doors and walls receive regular inspection and service. 

  • You want excellent craftsmanship, and that is what Bildspec delivers. Our folding doors and walls come in a range of colours and finishes, including glass, pinboards, whiteboards, fabric, vinyl and more. 

The Importance of Using Folding Walls in Melbourne

Modern workstyles complement the flexible use of folding walls by businesses interested in making efficient use of space. You have the flexibility to choose the location of the walls and move them out of the way when they are not in use. The following examples will show you the benefits of folding walls in a few different environments. 

  • Folding walls can divide large areas into smaller, personalised working spaces in an office environment. They can also close off a kitchen area within an office space, and when the folding wall is open, you’ll discover a bright and airy space for entertaining. 

  • Schools and churches use folding walls to separate classrooms. When class is in session, a unique draw-tight latch ensures that the doors act as an acoustic seal. After class, the folding walls open, revealing ample room to play.

  • Folding walls in Melbourne can close off additional storage areas that you may want to hide. They give a clean and tidy look to any storage area by hiding supplies behind beautiful walls. They can also help you save on energy bills by closing off unused areas.

Bildspec celebrates fifty years in business this year as a leader in operable walls and folding doors. We manufacture our products locally and remain proudly Australian owned and operated. Producing top-quality products while offering the best service available is in our nature. 

Regarding time, cost, and quality, partnering with Bildspec for your folding wall and door needs is your best option. Please contact us with questions or to set up a time to discuss your requirements.