Exploring Solutions for Operable Walls That Meet Operational Demands

For dividing or expanding spaces on demand, nothing gets the job done as well as operable walls. Attached to a track, these wall panels can easily slide and lock into place or fold back into their stored position based on what you need to achieve inside a room. For example, an early childhood education facility might divide the space into smaller classrooms, then stow the walls to enjoy an ample open space for events. 

At Bildspec, we have more than 50 years of experience in fabricating and installing operable wall systems, and we're ready to help you with your needs. 

Common Mistakes People Make with Operable Wall Systems 

Though these systems may seem simple at first glance, there are still a few ways to make mistakes while you are planning for and purchasing them, including:

  • Ordering incorrect panel sizes or submitting inaccurate measurements. Before you make any decisions, speak to our team—we will go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the right products at installation. 

  • Missing the opportunity to work with an experienced service provider to get personal customer service and after-sales support. Look for an experienced provider such as our team; we've been in business since 1969.

  • Choosing panels with an improper acoustic rating. If you need sound-blocking capabilities in your operable walls, be sure to choose the correct rating. Not sure which one is which? Let us know. 

At Bildspec, we're happy to provide our clients with the detailed insight that they require to make a strong investment. Whenever you need technical assistance, we can help. 

Tips for Getting More Value out of an Operable Glass Wall

Operable walls, especially those made of glass, are an investment for the long term—they should provide years of dependable operation over many events and occasions. How can you ensure that your investment returns as much value as possible? Try these ideas:

  • Learn how to properly clean and maintain your new operable walls. If you expect to frequently engage and disengage the wall, it's crucial to try to combat wear and tear. 

  • Always follow the proper procedures when making changes to the wall. Glass panels are special in that they require more care during storage; moving too quickly could result in a broken pane. Bildspec technicians can demonstrate the correct techniques following installation. 

  • Return to Bildspec for service as your system requires it. We remain available to assist you with your products at any time during their lifespan. Ask us about establishing a routine maintenance contract for long-term peace of mind. 

Why Should You Work with Bildspec?

An Australian-owned business with a decades-long heritage, Bildspec is a distinguished leader in the manufacture of operable walls. No matter the size of the space that you need to adapt, we can suggest and implement a solution that will tick all the boxes from ease of use to acoustic capabilities. Explore our products now or connect with our team to discuss your needs.