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Quality Craftsmanship

Vinylcloth folding doors are made to a high standard with each door individually made to your specifications. Vinyl material is backed with a cloth mesh fabric giving it strength and flexibility. A unique double track system makes the door smooth and silent in use and all doors come complete with matching pelmets and hold-back straps.

Extensive Colour Range

These doors come in a wide range of attractive finishes including versatile neutrals, authentic wood grains, fine textures and colours to match the latest deign trends. In addition you can choose from a number of matching leadpost colours.

Space and Energy Saving

Bildspec Folding Doors are ideal for creating space and making the best use of available areas. Save on your energy bills too by closing off little used areas to conserve heating or air conditioning.

Locks and Latches

Bildspec doors normally come with a receiving channel into which the doors is held closed.

Made Just For You

Bildspec doors can be made for doorways up to a height of 3m high and almost any width. We can make your door just the way you want it. As a single door, a bi-parting pair or even as a double endpost door, opening both ends.

Commercial Applications

Bildspec folding doors can be made in a wide range of colours and sizes which makes them useful in many commercial situations. Typical installations are shown below include offices, meeting rooms and community buildings. Bildspec Distributors and retailers are always pleased to help with design and costing queries.