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Typical Specifications

Latches And Locks:

Bildspec Vinylcloth doors normally come with a receiving channel into which the door is held closed. As an optional extra you choose one of three latch/lock systems: Positive latch, Latch & Privacy Snib or Commercial Latch.

Positive Latch:

Positive latching, operated from both sides, to prevent the door being pulled open from the jamb channel.

Latch + Privacy Snib:

Latch with additional sniblock on one side and emergency release on the other side. Supplied interchangeable left or right hand.

Commercial Latch + keylock:

Two sided cylinder keylock capable of being master keyed if required.

Optional Extras:

Other optional extras include curved tracks, aluminium pelmets, alternative fabric colour each side, bi-parting pair and double endpost (opening both ends).

Measuring, Ordering & Installation:

Bildspec can offer an obligation free measure and quote service and also, at a cost, a comprehensive installation service in all capital cities and many regional centres. Contact your local dealer or State Distributor.

Alternatively, Vinylcloth folding doors come complete with all fixtures and fittings for DIY installation.

DIY Installation:

Measure the opening height (+/-1mm) from the underside of the head to the top of the floor covering at both sides of the doorway and if it’s a wide opening at 1 metre intervals across the opening. Use the shortest height measured. Measure the opening width (+/-1mm) from jamb to jamb at the top of the opening where the track will go. To ensure a opening where the track will go. To ensure a neat fit it is recommended that doortstops are removed before measuring. If this is not possible, measure the width between doorstops and advise Bildspec of the doorstop thickness.

To order, specify dimensions, colour, door type (e.g. single, bi-parting pair or opening both ends) and any extras required such as lock.